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Model Paints and Tools

Heylon Wolter

Model Paints and Tools

Model Paints and Tools
A hobbyists overview of the necessities. 

Vallejo Paints and our different lines

Vallejo has a large variety of paints to serve an assortment of purposes and needs: from primers that bind to models, for perfect under coats, to highly saturated and florescent colors that really make things pop. They are a top choice for most hobbyists and professionals alike. 

We've consolidated our paint inventory on our Ebay store for the time being. Check out our selections of great Vallejo paints.



Once you're ready to paint, you will want a good selection of brushes ranging from high end sable hair brushes to some old beat up ones for dry brushing and other painting techniques. A good selection is key.


Sprue snips provide the easiest and safest way of removing model bits from the casting sprue. Whether resin, metal, or plastic, snips will be your best friend in the early stages of modeling. 


A sharp blade is perfect for shaving mold lines and cleaning detail from your models. Just be sure to be safe or have an adult present. 

Adhesives (glue)

Most models will need some kind of assembly. There are several adhesives to choose from depending on the material your model is made from. Super Glue is the best all around option but plastic glues and epoxy resins are also a great option for non plastic models and filling gaps. 

Model Paints and Tools

Bases and Basing Material

Model bases are another step to the modeling hobby and really add to the final flair of a model. We offer an assortment of bases and basing material to really make your models seem to come alive while on display. 

For a nice all in one starter kit, check out our Army Painter starter kit. 

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