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Arthur's TSR Vault Preview Page

Arthur's TSR Vault Preview Page, this is a collection of Rare / Unicorns items he had from the 5 years he was employed by TSR 1982 thru 1986 as a Director of New Product Development. We are going to make some of these items available soon. Lots and Lots of pictures coming!

From Random Events December 1982

After leaving Heritage Models for TSR, “Uncle Duke” Seifried recruited our father from his business in 82’ to be their Director of New Product Development.

 Toy Fair 1983 - The TSR Booth
Art & Nancy Showing off Toys and the poster they are in front of is for the Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Premier on Sept, 17th 1983

Designs Rendering from Uncle Duke 


Arthur's Birthday Gift - December 1982 - New Job with TSR & a 25mm Duke Miniature

Grell Drawing & Samples

21 Century Toy - Plush Sample and Drawing From David Sutherland III 

Often Used TSR pen

Hand Defender Set from Placo

War Duke Halloween costume 

Neo-Otyuga Drawing and Samples

Mock-up for Code 5321 Monster Manual II - Never released

Colorforms Set & folder with 3 pages

3 Towels and Folder with Skeleton Artwork

Marvel File

TSR / Valiant notes, PO’s & list from never released Box 4 & 5 for 86' and Post TSR Marvel Documents 89'

Dungeon Computer Game for Apple 

Painted Set from Various TSR staff


Mint!!   Mint!!   Mint!!
Arthur packed his employee issued AD&D Manuals away in the Attic in 1982 


More Images coming soon!