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About us

Valiant Enterprises was established in 1968 in the basement of Arthur Neckermann home as a side business. The goal was to develop a 54mm Military Miniatures Hobby kits that would be suitable for individuals at all levels of painting skills, from the beginner to the Grand Masters.

Today Valiant is run by a second generation with it’s primarily business focus in the field of contract casting. We cast both lead free pewter and polyurethane resins. Our clients come to us from the Toy, Hobby, Gift and Gaming industries. In recent years thanks to the Internet forum sites and word of mouth, our reputation for providing Quality and Speed at a fair Price has opened up new opportunities outside of North America. To date, we have been involved in over 130 successful Kickstarter projects ranging from simple casting, master pattern reproduction to full-blown casting, packaging and fulfillment projects.