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Kit# 9724 - Centaurs, Greek Mythology

Kit# 9724 - Centaurs, Greek Mythology


Valiant Miniature Kit# 9724 - Centaurs, Greek Mythology. The Centaurs, a savage and barbaric race of beings, half horse and half man, are perhaps the most famous and unusual creatures of Greek mythology. Nessus, the smaller of the two, played a disreputable part in the death of Hercules. Chiron, remarkably well-adjusted for a Centaur, was widely respected for his wisdom, and, as tradition has it, was transformed after his death into the constellation Sagittarius.

This item is an unpainted and unassembled metal hobby kits.

Standing figurines are approx. 2-1/2" - 3" tall.

This kit is in the International 54mm Collectors Scale and come unpainted.

Kit is recommended for ages 8+.

Artist Credits – Sculpted By Tom Sibbett  / Painted Master By Tom Sibbett

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