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Kit# 9739 - Officer, Mameluks

Kit# 9739 - Officer, Mameluks


Valiant Miniatures Kit# 9739 - Officer, Mameluks of the Consular & Imperial Guard 1802-08. Few of Napoleon's cavalrymen were as colorful or ferocious as the Mameluks, and none were so lavishly or expensively clothed. In the beginning, the unit, which varied in size between a squadron and a company, was composed almost entirely of bonafide Egyptian Mameluks, but as the Napoleonic Wars took their toll the ranks were increasingly filled with Europeans. The original Mameluks spoke little French and were aggressively independent; they were not so much a disciplined military organization as an eccentric and fearless band of individuals, bound together only by their loyalty to "him". The uniform regulations for the unit were loose to say the least, and the extravagance of an officer's costume was limited only by his imagination and pocketbook. This kit represents a Mameluk Officer of this early period, when they were still Mameluks in every sense of the word. These were the men whose flashing scimitars routed the vaunted Russian Chevalier Guards at Austerlitz, an action which earned them their eagle and made them the smallest unit ever to be so honored.

This item is an unpainted and unassembled metal hobby kits.

Standing figurines are approx. 2-1/2" - 3" tall.

This kit is in the International 54mm Collectors Scale and come unpainted.

Kit is recommended for ages 8+.

Artist Credits – Sculpted By Sheperd Paine  / Painted Master By Sheperd Paine

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