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Kit# 9806 - U.S. Army Medic, 1943

Kit# 9806 - US Army Medic, 1943 WWII


Valiant Miniature Kit# 9806 - U.S. Army Medic, 1943. ...but the dogface's real hero is he litter bearer and aid men who goes into all combat situations right along with the infantryman, shares his hardships and dangers, and isn't able to fight back. When the infantryman is down, the medic must get up and help him. That's not pleasant when there's shooting. The aid men and litter bearer know their work is often far more important than that of the surgeon at the operating table; because if it were not for the aid man the casualty would not live to reach the surgeon's table." - Bill Mauldin, Up Front.

This item is an unpainted and unassembled white metal (lead free) hobby kits in the 54mm International collectors scale. Standing Figures in this scale measure Approximately 2-1/2" to 3".

Kit is recommended for ages 8+

Artist Credits – Sculpted By Sheperd Paine  / Painted Master By Sheperd Paine

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