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Kit# 9807 -  US Army (M.A.S.H.) Nurse

Kit# 9807 - US Army (M.A.S.H.) Nurse


Valiant Miniature Kit# 9807 - U.S. Army (M.A.S.H.) Nurse, 1941-45. When Clara Barton and her civilian volunteers first started tending the wounded of the American Civil War, it was considered a shocking breach of propriety; medicine at that time was a grisly business, and a field hospital (or any hospital, for that matter) was considered no place for faint-hearted women. By World War II this had all changed and nurses were an essential part of the military establishment, serving in front-line hospitals all over the world.

This item is an unpainted and unassembled white metal (lead free) hobby kits in the 54mm International collectors scale. Standing Figures in this scale measure Approximately 2-1/2" to 3".

Kit is recommended for ages 8+

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